Bitcoin Going From Strength To Strength

Bitcoin going from strength to strength… We are seeing the early warning signs of a new major recession or possible depression but, as always, people will not take any action until it is too late. We saw this in Greece when people were lined up in mile-long queues to withdraw the daily maximum limit of [...]

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Blockchain Summit

Just a couple of weeks a go the Blockchain summit was held, at Necker island which is the property of Sir. Richard Branson. who by the way also believe that bitcoin could change the world This summit literally saw some of the worlds smartest minds and top entrepreneur from the bitcoin sector. Including [...]

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Advantages of Bitcoin

    Most people have heard the word Bitcoin, but do not know what the advantages of Bitcoin really are.  In a simple form for the sake of our audience. We will define it as a type of electronic currency (cryptocurrency) that is autonomous from traditional banking. Bitcoin is a decentralized, peer to peer, digital [...]

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