Why Invest in Bitcoin ?

Before you invest in Bitcoin, there are a few things to consider when embarking on a new investment whether it be stocks, traditional currency or bitcoin. One has to look at the fundamentals.

And they are:

  • Supply and demand
  • What is the smart money doing?
  • Predictions from experts



Supply and demand.

When looking at the supply we know that bitcoin is a finite decentralised currency. Further more we know that the total number of bitcoin that will ever be mined is 21 million Bitcoins. We also know that the amount of bitcoin that is mined every 10 minutes is halved every 4 years (the next halving will be on July 10th 2016)


All of the above shows us that the supply will systematically decrease in time.

For the the demand of bitcoin we simply look at the amount of transactions that we see everyday

It is very clear to see that the demand of Bitcoin has been and is still on a constant rise.


Figure 1 taken from www.coindesk.com


investing in bitcoin


Who is investing in Bitcoin?


One rule that a private investor should always follow is:


Follow the institutional money as it’s the smart money. Although they can make mistakes as well, they have expert tools and insider knowledge that is just not available to the private investor, so piggy backing on the institutions is definitely something to consider.


Click on this link to see the full list of Bitcoin Venture Capital to date:




  • 2013 – $90 million raised
  • 2014 – $360 million raised
  • 2015 – $504 million raised




During the first 6 months of 2016 more than $450 million has been raised so it is fair to say that the interest in Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology not only still there but it’s increasing.


Further to that look at the companies that are investing, it is in short the financial elite with some of the biggest banks in the world including JP Morgan and BBVA just to mention a few. Also, you will find the people behind Amazon, eBay and PayPal who all experienced the dot com (.Com) boom are now seeing the same thing happening with bitcoin


Predictions from Experts.


This a bit of a difficult one however very important. There are many so called experts and its hard to know who to follow and honestly we do not want to tell you who not to follow either.

We will however tell you that there are so many of them predicting Bitcoin at $10,000USD by 2019 that we are convinced that it they will be correct.


  • High demand with low supply is the recipe for anything to go up in value
  • The smart money from institutions are investing billions of dollars
  • Many top fund managers and other expert believes bit coin will reach $10,000USD per bitcoin by 2019

If you can see the potential like we and many others do, then you must read! If you don’t see the potential, then maybe this isn’t for you or you may need to contact us to have your questions answered so that you can make an informed decision.





Bitcoin Infographic

investing in bitcoin

Investing in Bitcoin Vs Investing in Bitcoin Mining


Firstly, let’s look at an example of investing $3,600USD into Bitcoin, at the current price of around $750USD per BTC you will get roughly 5 Bitcoins. (2-3 weeks ago you would have gotten 8 Bitcoins)


You first need to open up a wallet (please see following page) with the company you prefer and buy bitcoin for $3,600USD


IF bitcoin reaching $10,000USD by 2019 your investment would be worth $50,000USD and that is a fantastic return on investment (ROI) by anyone’s standards, hence the reason we are looking to add more members to our team so that they can also be a part of this opportunity.


Now BitClub Network is a Bitcoin mining company that is no different to other mining companies out there. They basically use the same hardware as the other top companies and use exactly the same methods. So why would you choose them when considering investing in to Bitcoin.


  • BitClub Network is one of the 10 biggest mining companies in the world
  • You don’t need any financial knowledge
  • You don’t need to break the bank to get involved
  • It’s a network marketing company and as a member miner you get a commission if you refer others (when is that last time your bank manager gave you a commission to refer a friend?!)



These are just some of the many advantages of joining BitClub Network.



So now let us look at investing in Bitcoin Mining…..


Although it is not an exact science, it is expected that you will earn between 25- 50 Bitcoin on your mining pool within the next 600 days or more so that is between 5 and 10 times your original bitcoin investment back (as stated previously $3,600USD is approximately 5 Bitcoins)


However, if the bitcoin reached the expected level of $10,000USD per Bitcoin your Bitcoin would be worth $250,000USD to $500,000USD.


Even if that is the best case scenario you can’t afford not to do this. As a smart investor you should always look at worst case scenario, so let’s assume that Bitcoin would lose half of its value by 2019 meaning it trades at around $375USD per Bitcoin.



You will still make between $5,775USD and $15,150USD, more than doubling your money on a losing trade!


If you have want to invest in bitcoin or simply want more info then write us in the chat or fill in the contact form , and we will get back to you with in 24 hour