Choosing Your Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin wallets comes in many different forms, for different devices.  You can even store your bitcoin on of-line devices and have your bitcoin completely of the grid.

There are 4 main types of wallet that we will mention here. Mobile, Online, Paper and Hardware

Mobile Wallet

Mobile wallets are convenient when out and about.  You can pay with bitcoin directly from your phone whether you are in a shop or a cafe that accepts Bitcoin. Mobile Bitcoin Wallet applications are kind of mini wallets or rather a reflection of your online wallet. Mobile phones don’t have the capacity to download the Blockchain, and it would be to expensive in terms of internet charges if they could. So they run a small part of the Blockchain that allows you to trade and also pay with bitcoin.

Hardware Wallet

Are devices that can store you keys electronically and you can make payments with them as well. These kind of wallets are for people that want to store their bitcoins offline without having to use normal Cold Storage.

Desktop Wallets

Desktop wallets will sit on your computer desktop. Bitcoin Core was one of the first desktop wallets out there and one of the more respected Desktop wallets.

Online Wallets

Online wallets in our opinion is where you start. They are all kind of similar in terms of services they provide. Many will have a mobile app attached, so that you can make payment on the go. The set up of a Bitcoin wallet is fairly simple even for the most IT challenged.  Here at BWG we have made our priority to support you, so if need be we will take you from A-Z while you are in front of your PC.

Should you want  some more information then please check out Bitcoin Wiki

Below are the our some of the Bitcoin wallets that our members use. However any reputable Bitcoin wallet will do.


Cex.io is one of the few bitcoin wallets at the moment where you fund your account with a credit card.

Before signing up make sure you have the following documents saved in a folder on your computer,  for the verification process, as it will make life a lot easier if you do.

Take high resolution photos or scans of the following:

  • passport
  • proof of residency (utility bill, bank statement) max 3 months old 
  • you holding your passport next to your face 
  • you holding your credit card next to your face 
  • passport next to your credit  card 

Open in minutes

Xapo lets you open wallet in minutes


The Xapo wallet is in our opinion the easiest to set up. They don’t require any documentation to be uploaded and it literally only takes 5 min from start to finish. You can only buy bitcoins here by sending a bank transfer which depending on where you bank takes from a couple of hours to a couple of days.

To set up your

wallet click here

Fund wallet with CC

CEX lets you fund your wallet with a credit card


CEX.IO is lets you found your wallet with your credit card. Make sure to check the text above, about what document are needed before opening an account.



To open wallet click Here


curser here


Bitstamp another house hold name


To open up bitstamp wallet click here



Amory is probably the most secure wallet of all. If you are looking to seriously stash your Bitcoin away then Amory is the most secure wallet that you can get. You can store you keys on a computer that is never online thus the need for trusting a third party completely disappears

To download you wallet click here