Bitcoin going from strength to strength…

We are seeing the early warning signs of a new major recession or possible depression but, as always, people will not take any action until it is too late. We saw this in Greece when people were lined up in mile-long queues to withdraw the daily maximum limit of 60 euros from their accounts as the banking system was collapsing, they did not see it until it was too late…

Bitcoin. Get involved before its to late.

The problem is that the only news that most people watch is the sensational news on 60 Minutes or the equivalent in their country. It’s the minority who will turn on CNBC, Bloomberg, or any other financial news program where they would be able to follow what is going on with the financial situation in the world in real time..
This is part of a new article from CNBC today 3/10/16:

“For the firbitcooin-quote-thomas-jeffersonst time in the history of economics, corporations and governments are getting paid to lend money. This is the direct result of the 96 months of nearly free money from the Fed and the combined $15 trillion increase in central bank balance sheets since 2007. And this rate of central bank money printing is still growing at a rate of $200 billion each month”



The USD has already lost 98% of its value since the existence of the Fed, and its not getting any better.

To put this in laymans terms.

You might be thinking that this has nothing to do with you. You might be thinking, I live in Europe or elsewhere outside of the USA, the fact is that the big crash in 2008 arose from banks’ sub prime mortgage lending in the USA, which sent a ripple effect through all banks on the planet, as they all do business with each other they all got affected

The only way of protecting yourself is by getting your wealth out of the banking system, there are many ways of doing this. Traditionally rich people put their money into Gold, Gems, and Art etc, however, if you are not among the top 5% income earners in the world the chances are that you just wouldn’t know where to start.

Bitcoin is here to save us and here is why:

– Decentralised

There is no bitcoin place, no central point where it could be shut down. So
bitcoin can’t be frozen or blocked by the government at any point .
– Trust

There is no need for the trust that you MUST have with your bank, because bitcoin sits on a distributed network of millions of computers worldwide which means that in essence everyone connected becomes its own bank. THERE IS NO THIRD PARTY.

– Deflationary

It’s deflationary as bitcoin is a finite currency, meaning that there will only ever exist a limited amount of bitcoin, contrary to fiat currency which is inflationary and the federal banks can just print as much money as they see fit. Making your hard earned money worth less.
– Speed

It takes about 20 mins to open up a bitcoin wallet, and a bitcoin wire from a-b takes as long as it takes for you to send an email.
Don’t sit on the side lines get started today. Opening up a bitcoin wallet its the first step and its free, there are many to choose from, look at our site under Bitcoin Wallet or go to and check out what they recommend. BUT GET STARTED…