Bitcoin for every one

Bitcoin Safety should be on every ones mind. Most People in the western world familiar with bitcoin know that it’s a form of internet currency and that it has potential as an investment. Although they would be right in thinking that. Bitcoin is and could be so much to many people.

According to an article in the Economist in 2012. Only 50% of the worlds population have a personal bank account and that number falls to 41% in developing world countries. More interesting however is to learn that only 7% of people in these countries have credit cards.

For most people in theses countries the best place for their savings is literally under their mattresses.


Do you or your bank control your money.

The breakdown of Greek banking sector, sent shockwaves through all of Europe. We all saw the kilometer long queues in front of banks and cash machines. We saw people who had been banking with the same bank for years, some with millions of euros on account could only withdraw 60 euro a day. Although this happened in 2015 today the Greeks are still showing a lot of pessimism towards their financial future, as an ejection from the Eurozone is still a real possibility for them. On top of all of this, unemployment in Greece has sored to 30 %

In 1998-2002 we had the great depression of Argentina where many people where financially ruined, literally life savings again held with banks gone to waste.

We have seen economies crash and banks fail. People have lost life savings, for reasons that they have had no control over, and It will Happen Again.  The fact is that once you deposit your money in your bank account you do not control your money THEY DO.


Every day Banking

The case of Argentina and Greece is extreme and not an occurrences that we see everyday. However if we look at everyday banking, there are plenty horror stories of Banks not allowing customers to withdraw their money.

Stephen Cotton  a uk citizen that wanted to withdraw 7000 pound from his account to pay back a loan to his mother. Stephen was told by the bank,  that since he could not give a valid reason for the withdraw his request was refused full story Here!!

Robinson a 66 year old uk citizen with 12000 pounds in his current account requested a sum of 1570 pounds. He was told that the sum was to big and that he could have 1170 pounds full story Here!!

You could spend 5 min on google and find many similar stories. Bitcoin is cash and once you have Bitcoin its yours completely, spend on what you want, the way it should be,

We have just seen that UK have opted for leaving the EU. Banking stocks the British pound and the Euro have been falling because of it. Some even say that this is the beginning of the end of the common currency the Euro and perhaps the EU. We believe that its to early to say anything about that, However a famous quote comes to mind.

Prepare for the worst but hope for the best”


Bitcoin offers security to every one.

bitcoin safety

  • It can’t be shut down.
  • It can’t be hacked.
  • Accounts cant be blocked.
  • Bitcoin will not suffer inflation.
  • Bitcoin is more liquid than gold.

We see Bitcoin not only as an investment opportunity but also as a real assets protection tool. Bitcoin is accessible to you and every one else. Which is one of the reasons that we will see bitcoin go from strength to strength.

Gold has always been the thing that investors look to in the time of crisis and it still is. But most people do not have access to buy gold. However most people have access to the internet and can open up a bitcoin Wallet.